ONE ™ PPC to regulate real and reactive power output from the PV plant, such that it behaves as a single large generator

While the plant is composed of individual small generators (or, more specifically, inverters), the function of the plant controller is to coordinate the power output in order to provide typical large power plant features such as active power control and voltage regulation (through reactive power regulation).

Reliable Grid code compliance

Ensures stable operation plant with real time monitoring & control. Complying to international grid codes.

Grid connected PV Plant Control

Vendor Agonistic

Independent Power Plant Control without any need & dependency on SCADA. Compatible with all Inverters / Meters / IED’s with standard communication protocols ( Modbus / IEC / DNP3 )

  • Active Power Control with dynamic or fixed set points to the Inverter's
  • Ramp Rate Control to ramp up, ramp down & ramp rate of Inverter's
  • Frequency Support with dependent Active Power Control
  • Reactive Power Control Q - independent from active power or Voltage
  • Voltage Control with dependent Reactive power control using configurable grid curve
  • Power Factor Control PF dead band Control
  • Stop Plant Generation Stop Inverter's / WTG's generation without disconnecting from Grid
  • Artificial Inertia Providing artificial inertia to inverters during frequency excursion events
  • Power Oscillation Damper Supervisory control to damp out unwanted power oscillation damping in the system

Grid incorporated interface


Work with timing requirements | Concurrent control | Less than 1 second latent period


Customisable accuracy | Boost generation | Super algorithms - feed-forward, PID and filtering | Accuracy at each distinct step


Failproof meter | Single inverter control

Meet ONE ™

With ONE ™, you can seamlessly collect all your data, analyse with ease, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere.

Real time monitoring & Control

The ONE ™ SCADA is a web browser application which allows the operator to login, monitor and control the plant.

Work Flow

Detailed engineering based on Grid code

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Solution Deployment - PPC

Grid code tests and reporting

PPC on-site commissioning