Production capacity and fuel efficiency

of power and cogeneration plants are highly dependent on operating conditions. Thus, commercial contracts for independent power producers typically combine the tariff calculations with complex thermodynamic models of the plant.

Interactive display station

Auto Generate invoice and reports

Firewall protected

Connected to workstation and printer

Solution for complex energy calculation

Plant Performance Model

Armax ONE ™ PASS

Real-time meter data acquisition & validation | Web based graphical interface & reports

Why do utility companies need pass system!

Companies require that they monitor the performance of their plants to assess their capacity to meet the contractual obligations and establish to their customer's satisfaction the quantity of supplies made. They also need to prepare and submit invoices for the supplies made and track payments received & commitments fulfilled. The electric utilities also include solar and wind generating plants.

PASS facilities utility companies to automatically prepare and submit invoices. It helps their cash flow management on one hand and, on the other, their compliance with the terms of purchase agreements.

Where it Works

Plant Accounting and Settlement System, works in conjunction with tariff meters, weather monitoring stations, and plant automation systems. It generates invoices & reports. It visualizes the information through interactive display stations

Compatibility & Security

it is user friendly, configurable, flexible, and scalable. It has user-defined redundancy capabilities for enhancing its reliability, modularly architected and resides in a Windows Server. The server is firewall protected and connected to a workstation & printer.

How it works!

This software package facilitates utility companies to automatically prepare and submit invoices, thereby helping their cash flow management on one hand. The plant's automation system may be Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA). The architecture of the system allows aISHa to work with any make of automation system and tariff meter. The system is also designed to accept manual entry of data by authorized persons.


Pass system process them, so as to perform tariff calculations and generate the desired invoices for the billing period, as laid down in the purchase agreement. It also generates the necessary compliance & deviation reports and print-outs. The system has the facility to dispatch invoices, reports etc., automatically to the designated parties. Through interactive display stations located at different locations, PASS visualizes the monitored and processed information, including key performance indicators.