Manage your renewable energy assets

with a secured centralised system for storage, collection and visualisation.

Realtime PPC View

String - Level Site Heatmap

Electrical Single Line Diagram

Comparison and information about Cross Plant Event

Multilevel Analysis

Real time monitors

Historical Alarms and Events

Email & SMS notifications

Easy comparisons and recognition of under-performance

Assets @ Single Location

Supervise your business with scalability, security and sturdily

Reduce maintenance and improve the asset availability with ONE ™ powerful business solution

The data which can be used by stakeholders to analyse the performance is collected by a Cloud Database Centre. These softwares include a business logic unit, a server for notifications, database and a front-end unit.

Synchronizer takes care of the IP connections | Databases store all the necessary data | The notification server notifies users, in case of emergencies, by SMS or emails | The front-end unit represents the data in a structured format | The business logic unit does the required data processing for producing stats


Computerized maintenance management system | Invoicing of energy | Regular reporting & Triggers

Automated Processes

Controlled Workflows

Central Repository

Efficient Collaboration

Complete Visibility

Stronger performance